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Teaching Primary

This book is specially prepared for teacher trainers and teachers in the field of primary science education. It describes and illustrates action research practices which led to development of exemplary teaching in primary science. Among the interesting details discussed in this book are: the international scenario of primary science education; Malaysian primary science education; Ninth Malaysia Plan and primary science education; action research and professional development; and exemplary practices in science teaching. Apart from this, features of this book include a series of methods, appropriate and better proven practices as well as updated approaches in teaching science to primary school children.

Authors: Selva Ranee Subramaniam/Bavani Nageswana Row
ISBN 983 195 240 5
Year: 2006
Pages: 158
Size: 5.75” X 8.25”
Prize: RM 24.00



1. Colin L Beadon - February 21, 2010

I’ve been a science reader many years, and have tried my best to push young people into reading understandable books about science.
I think, of all the books I have read, it would be hard to beat ‘A Short History of Everything’, by Bill Bryson. Very well written, really entertaining, amusing, often funny, and full of so many facts, and scientists. Just open any page.

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