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Strategies for Successful English Language Learning June 2, 2010

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This book consists of 42 effective strategies for successful English language learning which can be employed by secondary school, college, university and adult ESL/EFL learners. They are specifically designed to assist learners improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills as well as vocabulary and grammar enhancement.
Vocabulary Enhancement Strategies
Strategy 1: My Collocation Dictionary
Strategy 2: Vocabshapes
Strategy 3: Learning English through a Dictionary
Strategy 4: VocabCards
Strategy 5: My Vocab List
Strategy 6: Word-Builder Data System
Strategy 7: PVs

Grammar Improvement Strategies
Strategy 8: Learning Preposition through Stories
Strategy 9: Formula of SVA (1+S & >1-S)
Strategy 10: POST an A
Strategy 11: Formula of a Prepositional Phrase
Strategy 12: Word Search Game on Parts of Speech
Strategy 13: Colour Coding
Strategy 14: Determiners Flashcards
Strategy 15: Learning Adjectives through Songs
Strategy 16: Word Up!
Strategy 17: Plural Nouns
Strategy 18: Don, atT & MinY
Strategy 19: HIS, SN +S & WYTI, PN -S
Strategy 20: Which Comes First?
Strategy 21: TOWARDS MCP + Root Verb

Strategies for Improving Reading Skills
Strategy 22: Scanning & Questioning
Strategy 23: Cool Colourful Clues
Strategy 24: Concept Map
Strategy 25: What I Want to Know
Strategy 26: Making Meaning from a Text
Strategy 27: Get the Gist!
Strategy 28: The KWL Chart

Strategies for Improving Writing Skills
Strategy 29: Using Adjectives to Expand Writing
Strategy 30: My Photo Journal
Strategy 31: Essay Mind Map
Strategy 32: The Replacement
Strategy 33: Improvising Sentences
Strategy 34: Make Them Complex
Strategy 35: Learning from Mistakes

Strategies for Improving Speaking/Listening Skills
Strategy 36: Say It Right
Strategy 37: Record It
Strategy 38: Tell Me About It
Strategy 39: Phonetics for Life!
Strategy 40: Get It Right!
Strategy 41: Opinion Recipe Card
Strategy 42: Listen & Spell It

Author: Mohamed Amin Embi & Mohd Zaki Mohd Amin
Price: RM30.00
ISBN: 978-983-195-556-7



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